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how i became addicted to hey! say! JUMP

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May. 10th, 2009 | 11:35 pm
location: room :D
mood: bouncy bouncy

.....where shall i start


not long ago..my addiction are bands..emo..scene something like that...
then i visited my friend's house (chipsdelight07)...she told me about HSJ but i'm not interested at first...because i do not understand what they are singing..
i got bored in life i wanted something new that could make me happy lol
i saw my friend very addicted to them who is addicted before to bands also...so i decided to give it a try
..she lend me her CD...
"gokusen 3"  i've heard of it before..so i watched thingking maybe it's great...
like what i expected...OMG it's awesome...i fell in love with takaki yuya...
then i checked everything about him and the group he's in HSJ...(now...the story where i fell in love with ryosuke)...while checking one of the fan's blog about takaki i read the question "in HSJ who do you want to be your boyfriend?"(something like that) he answered "kind yamada"...idk why but it caught my attention and i started checking on yamada ryosuke with words *kind yamada*  *kind yamada*  *kind yamada* hanging in my head lol ...then until now...i can't get enough of him...and all hey say jump...so yeah

it's funny...before my youtube channel was sad and dark...then..i realized they brought colors to it..and i guess to my life also...lol

please SHARE with me how you  became addicted to hey! say! JUMP...
you end up liking  who?

i would like to know..please...


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