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"My Bitter Sweet Strawberry" CHAPTER ONE

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Apr. 1st, 2009 | 01:56 pm
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Kana and Midori are bestfriends ever since
they became neighbors..

one night while the two were conversing
about HSJ
at kana's house...

i hope someday i could meet them..midori sighed

stop dreaming midori there is avery small possibility
for you to go near them yet you're hoping to meet
them..kana interupted

kana you are so pessimist...

no way..pessimist?....me?! i just want you to start living
in the reality ..i don't want fantasies eat you alive..
kana explained

but there's nothing wrong in dreaming..

duh? of course there's none...what's wrong is wasting
your time, money and effort just to stalk them..
and what do you get?!...some blured shots and a
couple of bruises because of their fans that act
just like you..hurt someone just to go near them...
but you never get close to them..you're still meters AWAY!

instead of arguing with kana..

let's sleep kana we have school tomorrow..remember?

yeah...good night..i hope you wake up from everything tomorrow..

kana didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings she just want to
protect her bestfriend..as she could see, HSJ has driven her crazy...

9:00 am

[[sound of the alarm clock]]

damn! we're late!! kana screamed..

..at our first day of school...midori added


on the hallway where they are walking so fast..
they saw three boys..seems like they are
heading to their room..like them..

i thought we are the only ones late at our first day
of school..but i guess there's just some people..
see..they walk as if they don't care if they're late..
hey!..midori why are you not responding?

then a boy of about the same height as kana had
overtaken and tried to catch up with the three...

hey yamada, yuto, ryutaro wait up...

hurry up chinnen...we're late..the three boys complained..

i guess they still care if they'll be late after all..right midori?

then midori came runing after the four boys...while screaming
"oh my gosh..yamada,chii,yuto and ryutaro...wait..."

oh. great it's them..kana whisphered..

a crazy fan!!!....yelled ryutaro.

chinnen and ryutaro you go ahead..we'll take care of them you'll be
late..yuto commanded..but no one followed..instead they watch

hey! now what? what do you want..yamada asked harshly..

midori came closer and gave her pen and notebook to yamada..
hey here sign here!!! midori had gone crazy again..

yamada didn't want to sign instead he turned away and tried
to move away from her...because he is very sick of crazy fans that time
..they caused their tardiness...at their first day of school...!

but as he move he accidentally bumped arms and the notebook and pen
fell on the wet floor..

yamada ran away without noticing..

while chinnen and ryutaro picked the fallen notbook and pen up..

hey! devil boy..kana shouted with all her might..
not because you are famous and stuff you can treat persons
like that!!

not understanding what's happening...

yamada turned back and...

why..what do we have here a mean fan...how interesting..

i'm not your fan you

hey! what's your problem?! yamada screamed with curiousity

you don't even apologized to my friend and you'r asking
me what's wrong!! oroka!!!!

you know you're the first ever fan to call me stupid...!

what an honor but..i'm not your fan..i'm not your fan..
i'm not your fan and if i said it three times i really mean it..

hey don't mind her she's crazy..yuto pulled yamada away..

then kana gave yuto a bad stare..a vey evil stare...yuto
got scared..then continued walking with yamada...

as for chinnen and ryutaro..they apologized to the two...

they were just sick of crazy fans you see..so..sumimasen..

but you didn't need to apologize...really! it wasn't your fault
anyway..it's the devil's..

devil?!..who..chinnen got curious

oh...yamada or  yuto..ryutaro asked

i should say...BOTH!!!

don't worry they're nice once you get to know them..
chinnen gave a cute smile..

then kana's temper came down..

so...what are your names by the way..ryutaro wondered

ah my name is kana and she is midori..

ah hi..both of them smiled..

i..i..you're chinnen and ryutaro right..midori seems amazed

yeah! glad you know us..

how could i not know your names ...i'm like your huge fan!!!
why are you studying here in our school by the way..midori asked

we all transfered here because we are so tired of some crazy
fans way back our old school..ryutaro explained..


hope we bump at each other sometime..since we will be
attending the same school..chinnen and ryutaro waved goodbye..

okay..bai..see you around..kana and midori shouted as the two walk away..

on their way to their clasroom..

hey midori are you okay?

yeah..it's nothing since we've met chinnen and ryutaro
who are very nice..that pays it equal..
but still..OMG i can't believe we've met them..

upon entering the room...

er..shoot..kana thought

why are they here...at the same class as me and midori!!

they noticed that there are only two seats left..
and the other one is beside yuto which is beside yamada..

they both know that one must be seated beside yuto which is beside yamada..


END of chapter one..

NEXT chapter: who will sit beside yuto which is beside yamada?!


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Comments {3}

From: princeyuki6
Date: May. 20th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)

WOOT!! This is really good, naaaa!! Awww Yama-chan is pretty mean in this...I hope he becomes nicer :3 (Does he end up sitting next to Kana?)

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From: ambroxxia
Date: May. 28th, 2009 01:01 am (UTC)

lol don't worry i'll try to make him
&& kana will be sitted next to yuto
which is beside yamada on the next
chapter :)

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From: princeyuki6
Date: May. 31st, 2009 01:31 am (UTC)


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